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 My Story as an Artist

"You are what you do, not what you say you'll do" (Carl Gustav Jung). I believe this to be true. Another quote, "Do what you love to do and the money will come," is a bit specious....

Born, Leslie Ann Currall, 1952
Raised in Palo Alto, California

I was raised very early on with lots of encouragement and pride with regard to my drawing ability.  It was a given that I pursue some form of art career - my teachers said so.  Our family was a creative bunch - music, dance, and art were of paramount importance, along with writing/academics (us kiddos doing well in school),  love of nature, good manners, and a sense of humour. We were a post WWII family  living in  Palo Alto, CA at the best time in history. These early years proved to be a determining factor with regard to my “life” choices.

Jumping ahead - So I survived adolescence, and even college (1960’s - 70’s) - University of California, Davis, BA Art 1975. But what next?

The next 10 years.
I was inspired (and still am) by my professor - artist, Wayne Thiebaud at UC Davis. His teaching, his body of work, and his story, had a profound influence on me.  Other artists I have admired and appreciated: John Singer Sargent, my high school art teacher, Christopher Schink, Hopper, Homer, and I could go on....

The 1980’s marked my adventure into painting in watercolor. While working for the University of Nevada, Desert Research Institute as a technical illustrator, I started painting in watercolor. This was a new beginning.  I then moved to Ventura, California and continued to explore the medium on a professional level after being accepted into Studio ‘83, an artists’ cooperative. Subject matter included figures, portraits, landscape and still life in a representational style. 

Fast track to 2010.
A big chunk of my life has been devoted to family (and graphic design to make a living). But as I approach retirement, I am pleased to report that my enthusiasm for fine art, for painting, is re-ignited and the time to focus on it has arrived!  By the time I am an “empty-nester” I am ready to try my hand at oil painting.

A very exciting time...I move to Green Valley, Arizona and experience an awakening of the mind, soul and body. I find a vibrant community of art and artists at my doorstep. It is a time to immerse myself.*  I start with a workshop that is given by David Simons (Tubac, AZ), whose work I admire immensely. And so the adventure begins!


*(My home page features samples of this new emphasis on painting in oil).

Professional Memberships, Exhibitions, and Events

October 1983
Ventura County Historical Museum’s 7th Annual Assembly of the Arts - Exhibitor
Ventura, CA

June 1988
Juried membership for Studio ‘83,  a 45 member artists’ cooperative in Ventura County.  November 1988 through Nov. 1994 exhibited in twice yearly shows. Served as Publicity Chairman and Secretary.  Juried and Hung Fall 1993 Exhibit.

June 1990
Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Ventura County, Concours d’Art.
Made watercolor donation.

July - September 1990
Ventura County National Bank, Visions XVI. 1 of 3 featured artists.
Bank purchased watercolor.

December 1991
Opened a studio/art gallery with a showing of 4 women artists from Kern and Ventura County.
Lebec, CA

May 1994
Membership (juried) Pine Mountain Artists Guild, Pine Mountain Club, CA

September 1995
Watercolor published in the 1995 fine art calendar “Through a Child’s Eyes,” for the A. Miriam Jamison Children’s Center Foundation. Donated original art, which was exhibited at the C.L. Clark Gallery in conjunction with the project.
Bakersfield, CA

March 1995
Membership, Tulare-Kings Regional Arts Council

May 1995
Membership, Kings County Art Center Foundation and Kings County art League, Hanford, CA. Won Emily G. Olson Watercolor Award and 2 honorable mentions at Spring Art Show.

June 1995
Membership, Visalia Arts League, Visalia, CA

July - September 1995
Tulare-Kings Regional Arts Council “Premier Artistry“ at Visalia Convention Center.

December 1995
Christmas Membership Show, Kings County Art League

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